Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

For Hannah, this year Halloween didn't just come on Friday, her festivities started on Tuesday when we went to Scott's work Halloween party. On Thursday she dressed up for a playgroup Halloween party. Then on Friday she dressed up once again to go trick-or-treating with Ama and me and then we met up with her friends downtown Teaneck to do more trick-or-treating. She quickly got the hang of going door to door and saying "treat" and opening her bag and then getting candy and saying thank you "ding du".

So as you will see Hannah was a CAT. We felt this was only appropriate since "CAT" was her first word and since she loves her cats. As you will see below, thoughout this week, she had many opportunities to show all a cat's many personality traits, attitudes, and emotions.

The I'm so cute and adoring, you can trust me cat
The friendly but shy cat
The needy, please come scratch my head cat
The proud and excited, who just scored a treat cat
The sneaky but contented cat
The serious, focused and "hunting" for more prey cat
Hannah and her Teaneck pals walked around downtown Teaneck to go trick-or-treating.
Teddy, Ayla, and Hannah had a good time chatting and chasing each other around.
Halloween started for us on Tuesday when we went to Scott's Work Halloween party at Blue Sky. Hannah quickly got the strange but fun concept of going from cubicle to cubicle looking cute and in return getting candy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hay Maze

Hannah had so much fun at the Hay Maze and she couldn't have looked cuter with her new "pump-in" hat that Ama (Grammy) gave her.
What a cutie!
Ayla and Hannah chased each other around
They kept going until....
They fell on top of each other, and they thought that was the funniest thing!

Fall at Hannah's Park

Hannah on her favorite slide

She is such a good climber these days!Hannah and her pal Ayla sliding down together. They talk about each other all the time and are finally playing together and laughing together rather that getting shy when they see each other.

Mom's Teaching Me Early!

I love how this book is bigger than her, it is one of her favorite these days because inside is lots of real photographs of things she can name.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Annual Apple Picking Excursion

We had a great time at Doc Davies Farm this year, it was suppose to rain all day and it did , except for the hour we went picking so it worked out perfectly. The only thing missing was Mimi and Papa. Last year they were here for the annual apple picking festivities but their fall trip is being postponed till baby Carroll #2 comes (a pretty good reason!). However, I have included some pictures from last year to show how much our Hannah Banana has grown in a year.

Scott and Hannah apple picking, I mean eating apples in Sept, 2008!

Scott and Hannah eating apples in Oct, 2007! Wow has she grown!

Grammy (aka Ama) and Hannah enjoying the day!Ama, Grandpa Ed, and Hannah still eating that apple!

Then: Hannah and the pumpkins
Now: Hannah and the pumpkins
Then: Hannah and Papa on the tractorNow: Hannah and Daddy on the tractor
Everyone has gotten a lot bigger these days: ) I am 31 weeks pregnant!

As usual we all go back to my mom's and cut, mix, bake to make many apple pies and of course eat my mom's delicious chili and the pies.Hannah rolled her first of many pie doughs with dairy free dough (leave it to Ama).

Brush, brush brush!

Hannah and Daddy having fun brushing their teeth on Saturday morning.

We Celebrate Javi's B-day at Abma's Farm

Javi the cow and Hannah the Chicken
We went to Abma's farm to feed the animals with Javi, Anna and Laura. The kids had a great time feeding the animals.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Babymoon in Cape May

Scott and I went away to Cape May for the weekend, our last get away alone before we are the parents of two. Of course the weekend we booked months ago ironically, ends up being the weekend of Tropical Storm "Hanna" . We were determined not to let "Hanna" ruin it:). We lucked out and stayed in this amazing hotel and despite the weather on Sat. we had a fantastic time relaxing and enjoying each other.
This was the beach in front of the hotel before Hanna hit on Saturday. Fortunately, Sunday was georgeous and we able to take full advantage of the beach.
Finally.... we took a picture of me pregnant, it only took 28 weeks!

Although we had a great time, we missed our Hannah while she took full advantage of Grammy time!

Some of Hannah's Favorite Things...

Being silly and dressing up!
Reading a girl after my own heart!
Seriously a good book!
Her most favorite thing of all is hanging out with her "Aya's" (dolls)

Family trip to Central Park Zoo

This was probably the best family day trip of the summer, Hannah was fascinated with the polar bears, penguins, and seals and she loved feeding the farm animals in the petting zoo

Family Trip to Sesame Place

The Carrolls on Sesame Street
Forget the rides and the characters all Hannah wanted to do was splash around with Dad

Peach Picking

Hannah loved the peaches!

Grandpa Harry turns 90!

The Carrolls all got together in Missouri in late July to celebrate Grandpa's 90th. It was a fun filled weekend with lots of good family time.
Both Hannah and Livia pretending to go Night Night
Papa with his girls on the farm (they had just seen a calf who was born earlier that day, not something you experience everyday in the suburbs of NJ)
Aunt Kim relaxing with Hannah and Livia on Papa's hammock
Hannah or is it Marilyn?

Girls Overnight at the Beach + Javi

Hannah enjoying a stroll on the beach!
Hannah, Wendy, Meggy, Laura, Anna, and Sarah (Hannah and Anna are now officially part of the gang!)
Sarah, Laura, and Anna
Hannah and Sarah enjoying the water