Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Some sisterly love
Time to hit the books and cram in the summer reading
What a big girl with her big girl backpack
She is getting so big too fast

A rainy day at the beach

Even on rainy days Ama makes sure there is fun to be had-if we can't be on the beach then we will bring the beach to us!

Beach trip part 2

There is always love for Ama
Uncle Jas joined us on the 2nd day and he and Hannah had fun building castles and being silly as usual

Days at the beach

While Ama and Grandpa Ed were down at the beach for the week, we made an overnight.

Lilah loved the pool (at least before she learned how to crawl)
Aunt Kris, Ama and Hannah had a blast in the water! Once again Hannah is always up for an adventure.
I wouldn't say it was a relaxing day on the beach for anyone
Aunt "Kiss" and Hannah love!

Hannah's first play

We went to an amusement park for the day and Hannah got to be a princess in her first play.
What a ham!
She was by far the youngest and bravest!

Days at the Swim Club

The three burritos or three amigos after a fun day at the swim club
Lilah and Naomi one of her many adoring fans
Hannah, Ama and Ayla- Ama is always the entertainer with more energy than the rest of us put together!