Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Family Trip to NH

After going to my one of my oldest and dearest friends wedding on July 4th, we headed up to Lincoln, NH for a family vacation. It was the first one as a foursome. The pic. above is of the place we stayed out , it was at the base of Loon Mountain in the White Mountains of NH. We had a lot of family just hanging out together without much of an agenda. Hannah did a lot of firsts which was fun and Lilah enjoyed the ride as usual.

Nose Rubs
Hannah hanging out by the pool which was freezing but she seems to brave anything.

One of Hannah's favorite days was a ride on the Hobo train which was a real locomotive. She was all prepared with her engineer hat and bandana.
Lilah enjoying herself at 7 1/2 months old. She is busy these days, sitting up reaching for everything in sight and wanting to crawl.
Enjoying the train ride
Nothing like an ice-cream cone (even if it is sorbet) on a summer night while on vacation with the family.

Cloudy Days in NH

In the middle of our trip we hit some cloudy/rainy days so we made the best of it. One of Hannah's new favorite discoveries was made on this trip-DONUTS!!! (Papa will be so happy) She recently had her yearly allergy testing done so it looks like her allergies are improving. We think she is not allergic to eggs anymore (it will be confirmed next week) but she can now eat milk and egg when it is baked into something like a donut, cookie, cake, etc- VERY EXCITING FOR US ALL. No more making a special cupcake to look like the the cupcake at a someone elses birthday party!
Another first-putt putt golf
Hannah enjoyed throwing the ball and chasing it rather than hitting it with club:)
Another first- Bowling, notice how big the shoes are for her, her personal goal was to get the ball in the alley way:)

Day trip to Loon Mountain-the best day!

For Hannah the highlight of her trip was riding "Zeusy" the horse (not a pony). She rode him at the bottom of Loon Mountain. She loved it so much that we went back the next day just so she could get another ride, she is a brave one.
At the top of Loon Mountain we had lunch and girls hung out.
Hiking around Loon Mountain.
Riding up the mountain in a Gondola
Going back down after a great day!

Summer MO trip to the Lake and Monroe

We headed to MO in the early part of June to meet at the Lake for a week of fun with Mimi and Papa, Kim, Chris, and Livia. Mimi must have been a great storyteller to keep the attention 2 two year olds and a 7 month old.
Those silly girls ready for a swim.
Jason, Lana, Harper and Avery came to visit which was so fun.
My happy girl is 7 months old!

After a week of "relaxing" at the lake, we headed to Monroe to see the rest of the family. While we were there the cousins celebrated their 1/2 birthdays.
These are my favorite shirts, make sure to read them, they really do fit their personalities:)
Gigi got to meet Lilah for the first time.
Gigi reading a good story
Papa and his girls!

The Bronx Zoo

In May Hannah decided she loved rides, before that she had been scared of the carousel, we were so proud of her and she was so proud of herself.
We went on a trolly to get back to our car and we told Hannah it was a train so that she would be willing to leave the zoo, the "choo, choo" trip was definitely the highlight of the trip-forget the animals:)
Looking at the prairie dogs.

The best ride of all was Daddy's shoulders

Monday, July 20, 2009

Spring Time Fun!

Hannah and Ama enjoying a tea party on a beautiful day!
Playgroup at our house, Lilah joins in on the fun!
Ayla and Hannah figuring out how to eat an ice pop.
Sister hanging out
Tummy time- Lilah is around 6 months here and keeping her head higher and longer each day. She will do anything her sister does, she watches Hannah nonstop. Hannah has been so good about giving Lilah toys, if you look closely she has given Lilah Boots to hold-that is a big deal!

Easter Weekend Fun

The girls enjoyed lots of stories read by Ama. Knuffle Bunny was definitely a favorite of the weekend.
Their favorite time of day was story time with Dads before sleep. It was the sweetest thing to see. Once again they were reading Knuffle Bunny!
Those silly girls with their silly hair. I think is the first time the girls have successfully taken a bath together with no tears, nothing but fun!

Easter Hunt

Hannah shares her loot with Aunt Kris.
Silly girls!
The cousins had so much fun going on the Easter egg hunt.
Lilah and her daddy
Lilah and Mimi always bonding and cuddling! So sweet!

Easter with the Carrolls and Nigros

Lilah is 5 months here and enjoying tummy time.
The girls in their Easter dresses. Lilah looks like a little old lady with her Easter bonnet!
The 2 sisters!
Lilah looking surprised as always.
Lilah always has her right leg up in the air, it is so cute!