Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

For Hannah, this year Halloween didn't just come on Friday, her festivities started on Tuesday when we went to Scott's work Halloween party. On Thursday she dressed up for a playgroup Halloween party. Then on Friday she dressed up once again to go trick-or-treating with Ama and me and then we met up with her friends downtown Teaneck to do more trick-or-treating. She quickly got the hang of going door to door and saying "treat" and opening her bag and then getting candy and saying thank you "ding du".

So as you will see Hannah was a CAT. We felt this was only appropriate since "CAT" was her first word and since she loves her cats. As you will see below, thoughout this week, she had many opportunities to show all a cat's many personality traits, attitudes, and emotions.

The I'm so cute and adoring, you can trust me cat
The friendly but shy cat
The needy, please come scratch my head cat
The proud and excited, who just scored a treat cat
The sneaky but contented cat
The serious, focused and "hunting" for more prey cat
Hannah and her Teaneck pals walked around downtown Teaneck to go trick-or-treating.
Teddy, Ayla, and Hannah had a good time chatting and chasing each other around.
Halloween started for us on Tuesday when we went to Scott's Work Halloween party at Blue Sky. Hannah quickly got the strange but fun concept of going from cubicle to cubicle looking cute and in return getting candy.