Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silly Friends

A couple of Hannah's friends, Katherine and Teddy came over this week to play and make some play-dough and they ended up conversing like old ladies and gentlemen with their silly glasses .

Lilah is Initiated

Hannah loves having tea parties and this week Hannah invited her to join her and her friends for tea.
When Hannah has tea parties she lives to give everyone a hat to celebrate the occasion so as you can see Lilah was initiated into Hannah's tea party- it was very sweet.
Lilah seemed to have a good time at the tea party!

A Family Day

These days our Sundays are very valuable, since it is Scott's only day off these days, so we try to make the best of them and enjoy family time. This video is just that!

My Little Elf

Lilah got this adorable out fit from her Mimi and Papa and we couldn't get over how cute Lilah looked in it, especially in Hannah's new chair from Ama

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spontaneous Love Between Sisters

Today was a big day in the Carroll household

Today was big day in the Carroll household. Hannah spontaneously wanted to lay down and cuddle with Lilah and then wanted us to take pictures of them. Of course these are the moments that make all the hard work all worth it. Scott and I had to hold back the tears. We might be very busy these days but we treasure these moments and every day feel fortunate for the amazing girls we have.Hannah and Lilah both Smiling- what a feat!
More smiling-it can't get much cuter! Hannah has been showing such gentle love towards Lilah!
This was the best because Lilah was sticking her fingers in Hannah's mouth and Hannah thought this was hysterical.
This was precious, Hannah wanted Lilah to lay on top of her belly so she could hug her. She held her so carefully and wanted to do it for a long time. It was so sweet!
What a big sister! To think that just a week ago she would only want to hold Lilah for a couple of seconds and then would express, "All done". Today she couldn't get enough of her sister, I think now that Lilah is smiling more and more alert she is starting to see the fun.

Sweet Girl

She is more alert every day

A Happy Girl

Lilah is smiling more and more everyday, she is pretty amazing!