Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We went over to Grammy's and Granpa Ed's for the 4th. Hannah was wearing a dress that Grammy had made for me when I was little -too perfect! Also Hannah is now wearing pigtails, she can't get much cuter (we think:).
Hannah was just full of smiles!
She spent a lot of the night dancing, but we all had to dance as well.
What a big girl!
Aunt Kris won the singing prize of the night!
She know she is cute!

Our Big Helper

These days Hannah wants to help with everything. Using her lawn mower wasn't enough, she had to help Dad mow with the real thing.

We make to a trip to the Jersey shore with Grammy

Last week Grammy came with us to visit Aunt Meggy and Aunt Phyllis in Seagirt. We stayed overnight and had so much fun. Hannah is still not sure of the sand, but she loved going in the ocean.

As You can see we were not quite prepared the 1st day for Hannah to go in the ocean, but she couldn't get enough the bigger the wave the better!
The one thing she liked doing in the sand was covering feeet in sand.
Grammy was being so silly with the glasses and hat.
Hannah and Aunt Meggy had so much fun getting wet!
Hannah just chilling in my shades.

A new cousin is born

Bles and Emmett brought baby Ian over for us to meet. Hannah got to hold him and actually let me hold him without getting upset (that is hopeful for our future:).

Daddy is so silly!

Scott gets his 2nd wind after work, and lets Hannah dress him up, what a sucker! I love it! It is her favorite combination, mine too!