Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hannah & Grammy Play in the Snow

Grammy has been waiting a long time to play with Hannah in the snow. Hannah is still trying to decide if she likes the snow. She wasn't quite ready to build a snowman but that didn't stop Grammy!

Helping Dad Shovel

We went away to Boston this weekend to visit friends. When we got back we still had to shovel so Hannah and Scott worked hard together to clear the snow.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sending Belated Valentines

Hannah wanted to send some Valentine's love. These days she shows her love through waves and blowing kisses.

Hannah's Friends

For a 14th months old, Hannah has lots of friends that she is lucky to see on a regular basis. Every Wednesday she gets together with her friends Javier and baby Anna.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hannah finds hiding places

This week Hannah has been finding small crevices to hide in; in between furniture and walls and today she discovered she can crawl into her cabinet (where we keep her tupperware). She was very proud of herself. Each day is full of new discoveries.

Finally, It Snowed!

We finally got some snow today. It wasn't a lot but we were determined to get outside and use Hannah's new sled. She liked the sledding part but wasn't too crazy about the excessive amount of clothing. The snowpants were probably not necessary since she never touched the snow! However, as usual, she was a trooper.

Hannah is drinking from a staw

This is a big week for Hannah and I. She is officially weaned from both a bottle and me! I never thought she was going to drink anything else besides water and my milk. Last week she was on strike and refusing the soy milk. Finally, late last week I tried giving her a cup with a straw and we had a breakthrough. She started drinking the soy milk. Friday was my last feeding, it was a big deal for both of us. However, Friday night I had my first pizza in 9 months in celebration of the end of breastfeeding (I had been off of dairy b/c of Hannah's dairy allergies). It was really good... boy did I miss cheese!

I am proud of Hannah, she is doing really well. Also, Scott's support for both of us has been great and helped make the process go smoothly.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hannah "the artist"

Today we introduced crayons and paper to Hannah. She was very excited. I think Scott was even more excited. Hannah's favorite part was having us chase after her with a crayon in her hand. When she did sit still to draw, she had that focused face on like her daddy hard at work.

Super Tuesday

Hannah voted with us today. She seemed pretty amazed by the process or maybe it was just oo early for her to leave the house.


Superbowl Sunday was fun! Hannah had her friends Ayla and Teddy over to help her cheer for the Giants. It was the first time Hannah and Ayla made each other laugh. It was pretty cute!