Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Family Trip to NH

After going to my one of my oldest and dearest friends wedding on July 4th, we headed up to Lincoln, NH for a family vacation. It was the first one as a foursome. The pic. above is of the place we stayed out , it was at the base of Loon Mountain in the White Mountains of NH. We had a lot of family just hanging out together without much of an agenda. Hannah did a lot of firsts which was fun and Lilah enjoyed the ride as usual.

Nose Rubs
Hannah hanging out by the pool which was freezing but she seems to brave anything.

One of Hannah's favorite days was a ride on the Hobo train which was a real locomotive. She was all prepared with her engineer hat and bandana.
Lilah enjoying herself at 7 1/2 months old. She is busy these days, sitting up reaching for everything in sight and wanting to crawl.
Enjoying the train ride
Nothing like an ice-cream cone (even if it is sorbet) on a summer night while on vacation with the family.

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