Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cloudy Days in NH

In the middle of our trip we hit some cloudy/rainy days so we made the best of it. One of Hannah's new favorite discoveries was made on this trip-DONUTS!!! (Papa will be so happy) She recently had her yearly allergy testing done so it looks like her allergies are improving. We think she is not allergic to eggs anymore (it will be confirmed next week) but she can now eat milk and egg when it is baked into something like a donut, cookie, cake, etc- VERY EXCITING FOR US ALL. No more making a special cupcake to look like the the cupcake at a someone elses birthday party!
Another first-putt putt golf
Hannah enjoyed throwing the ball and chasing it rather than hitting it with club:)
Another first- Bowling, notice how big the shoes are for her, her personal goal was to get the ball in the alley way:)

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